Voice Star takes the stage in Munising

Many Yoopers took the stage last night competing in the 2nd UP Voice contest in Upper Peninsula. 

All the way from Fort Worth Texas, former Voice star, Michael Lee is bringing Yoopers the full singing competition experience…by taking the judge’s seat.

Playing Texas blues since the age of 18, you wonder where it all began…

Michael Lee, “I can remember being in love with music, blues music in particular since I was in preschool.”

His love started early on, with his parent taking him out of school to see BB King and Buddy Guy…

His love for music was unlike the interest of most children his age.

Lee “I was obsessed like other kids were obsessed with Sesame Street, I was obsessed with Stevie Ray Vaughan and ZZ Top, I was a weird kid, but I loved it. All I ever wanted to do with my life was play music.

Playing music is exactly what he has done and taking the stage on the popular show, The Voice, changed his life and opened many doors he dreamt about.

Lee “It was a huge honor for me to go with BB Kings Band and then you know travel the United States, It was Incredible.”

And the tour ended in an incredible place right here in the Upper Peninsula.

Lee “It was a magical place, we spent a week up here. I had never seen any place as beautiful as this after traveling the entire country.

Now on his 4th trip to upper Michigan Lee is playing double duty as guest judge in Munising for The Venue…

Which allows him to give back to those chasing similar dreams.

If you missed Lee this evening, he says to look him up on social media and he will be back this coming summer.

Michelle Duder WZMQ 19 Munising.