Upper Peninisula Veterans can Share Service Experience for Project with Library of Congress

Calling all U.P. Veterans: the Library of Congress is looking to collect and share your experience of when you were in the service. This is part of an ongoing project called The Veterans History Project. It collects, preserves and shares the personal accounts of our veterans. Senator Gary Peters (D- MI) will have his team set up a place for veterans to record their story in Marquette on October 5.  

Congress Addresses High Cost of Prescription Drugs, Prices to be Negotiated Over Time

People across the U.P. and the nation sometimes have to choose between getting groceries or getting their prescription drugs. Americans pay some of the highest prices in the world for their medication and Michigan’s Senators said this is unfair. We spoke with Senator Debbie Stabenow (D- MI) on this issue and what Congress did to lower healthcare costs. However, these changes won’t happen immediately.

Recovery and Rescue Operations Continue in Florida Following Hurricane Ian

Florida officials are still trying to assess the damage Hurricane Ian has done to the sunshine state. Florida is reporting that about 100 people have died due to the storm and hundreds of thousands of Floridians are still impacted by last week’s storm. Federal officials are saying there will be an unprecedented amount of help going to Florida.  

Marquette Fall Enduro raises money for Noquemanon Trail Network

Over 350 racers gathered at Marquette Mountain on Saturday to race in the Marquette Fall Enduro, with funds going to the Noquemanon Trail Network. According to NTN’s website, its mission is to secure, develop, maintain and promote the use of a non-motorized trail network throughout the Central Upper Peninsula of Michigan. NTN relies on the […]