Successful business owners understand the value of promoting your brand to customers.  The best way to enhance your brand image and expand your customer base is through television advertising. 

WZMQ provides a unique opportunity to share solutions to your customer’s needs. Television creates a huge footprint and only WZMQ 19 offers U.P. businesses the opportunity to partner with television’s top-rated network CBS. 

In addition to television’s creative video opportunities, WZMQ 19 makes sponsorship available on our digital platforms including a news app and  You can sponsor segments including live sports, news and weather, entertainment and tremendous specials that appeal to specific demographics creating efficiencies and impact like no other media.

With MeTV, your messages will be seen by fans of classic television programs that are family friendly. 

CBS favorites include Ghosts, Traveler, FBI, 60 Minutes, Amazing Race and Survivor. 

WZMQ 19’s award-winning newscasts are popular and trusted for local news and information and local television news remains the most trusted news source anywhere. 

Contacting WMZQ 19 to invest in your business is easy. Veteran sales consultant Mark Nebel will work with you to customize a plan designed for success.  

He can be reached by emailing or calling 906-273-0446.