Farms see challenges as the frost blows in

CHATHAM, Mich (WZMQ) – The farms in the U.P. face these winters like any other businesses. A lot of vegetable farms will use hoop houses all winter, however, in the case of Rock River Farms, they grow forest plants and bulbs that require a chill time naturally following nature.

“So we noticed this year when we prebought propane it had gone up by a dollar a gallon which means we spent the same amount on propane that we did last year but we received about half as much prebought propane”

Similar to other farms, Rock River Farm heats its greenhouses with propane. As the cost of propane has gone up, they say they’ve had to change their season and grow different crops. Rock River Farm also has a workshop on Saturday the 18th, at Barel and Beam, teaching the community about wreath-making. This takes place at 5:30 on Saturday, for more information click here.