Halloween is Back in The Westwood Mall

Since 2008, this Halloween store has been moving around Marquette every year for the spooky season. There’s always community excitement for the holidays and in the UP this season sparks a lot of festivities.

Owned by Gal Lessard, the Halloween Superstore is in the Westwood mall this year right off of US Route 41. The store has had location changes throughout its lifetime and is hoping to make the Westwood mall, home. “We’ve been doing this since 2008 and the UP but I’m originally from Marquette…so I live downstate and wanted to get back home so we started this business and it worked and people love Halloween. All ages”, Lessard said.

As a seasonal business, the Halloween store is only here for part of the year so during these months, don’t forget to stop in and get into your spooky attire.

“It’s one of the least stressful holidays for sure it’s definitely a creative outlet for me every year because I get really into the dressing up”, said employee Julie Lakenen.