BrewFeast ’22 Supports NMU Hospitality Club

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WZMQ) – At the Ore Dock Brewing Company, chefs from the American Culinary Federation paired up with the Brewery for ‘BrewFeast’ this Monday. Culinary artists set up six stations, serving savory and sweet dishes that paired with specific Ore Dock classic beverages. This is the 2nd annual BrewFeast, and this year, they have a new beneficiary.

Tickets went on sale for $65; with a portion of the proceeds going towards the NMU Hospitality Club. The organization gives students in culinary and event fields a chance to get some hands on experience in the community, and BrewFeast was no exception. Student chefs from the club also planned on, cooked, and served their own dish; a chai creme brulee. Trixie Jacobson, the Assistant Vice President of the Club, said that bringing their own dish was “so fun to experiment with the different beers, see what pairs with what, and to create our final dish.” She says the money from the event will be used to bring Hospitality Club Students to even more events like this.

Around the dining area, the creme brulee was a hit, as were all the other dishes whipped up by ACF members of the Upper Peninsula, such as the Chicken Satas and Gourmet Brats available. BrewFeast will take place again next year, so those interested in attending will have a ways to go, but the American Culinary Federation will be putting on other events this year.