Absentee Ballots Sent After September

Marquette, Mich (WZMQ) – Coming up this November is an even year of the voting season. On the ballot, there are pressing issues to be addressed such as the legislature term limit and laws regarding abortion. The Michigan County Clerk Linda Talsma says the absentee ballots will be sent out by the end of September. “If you’re part of our absentee voter list with your locals and with your local townships or cities, you’ve probably already received an application”, said Linda.

The state proposals have a big weight in this years election. With the legislature term limit and a lot of nenw around reproductive freedoms make for an expected big voter turnout this year.

“The more homework each voter does before they go into the voting booth is probably a great idea”. You can view your ballot, and more information regarding candidates at the Michigan Department of State.