Northern Michigan University’s New Business Classroom with a View

Northern Michigan University has opened a new classroom in downtown Marquette. The new high-tech room is located in the Kaufman Block on Front Street for business and entrepreneurship students, putting them right in the heart of Marquette’s Business hub.

Northern Michigan University students are now in their 4th week of classes, with a quarter of the semester under their belts, students are settling into their schedules, for Cori Bodeman’s Social Entrepreneurship class, that means settling in over zoom with their business partners in NMUs new business classroom downtown.

So far, only one class is being held in the new classroom, but students are really enjoying the new location. NMU senior Jackie Dohm said: “It’s very nice to be off of campus, I usually drive to school but I’m within walking distance which is why I like to come down here and just do homework in my spare time, you can use the lobby and it’s very nice to just walk down to work after class”

The new classroom was renovated over the summer for business students to work with remote partners. The room is located right off Washington Street with beautiful views, and so far the students are loving it.

Jonas Vorbau, International student, Business management major, and NMU Soccer player said he’s grateful to have the opportunity to be in the new, modern, and high-tech classroom overlooking Lake Superior. while Liv Jarzabek noted how much she enjoyed the change in scenery and the interactivity of the classroom and how well she got to know her new classmates.

The classes instructor Cori Bodeman had some concerns at first, but she shared that It has turned out to be beautiful. The zoom rooms, different TVs for the students to look at, and the flexibility of the space have been highlights of moving downtown, on top of the very bright and sunny view each morning. The classroom’s first occupants are working with budding entrepreneurs in Greece to help grow their businesses, and the new classroom is perfectly equipped to work with their partners overseas.

“This space is really conducive for distance learning, and the reason that the class is at 8 in the morning is that it’s four o’clock in the afternoon in Greece and we have 5 people from Greece coming to our TVs every Tuesday and Thursday morning and it’s been a lot of fun.” Cori notes that the new classroom has blended very well with her curriculum this fall.

The new classroom has been fun all around for the teachers and students breaking it in this fall, with the new and interactive technology to ease the learning experience, Cori said she’s excited to continue teaching downtown next year as well.