Michigan Arts Receive Grants To Keep The Lights On

Creating an artistic environment takes more than just talent, it takes real dedication from the people that share the passion for the arts. In the UP, we are anything but short on passionate people. “Everybody has to experience it once and I absolutely love it. I have probably too much passion for it”, said Kristen Underhill, Manager of Crystal Falls Theatre.

Over the summer, you’ve seen First Thursday’s art tours, music festivals, and other events relating to our art culture in the UP. Michigan’s Arts and Culture Council, or MACC, yearly sends out grant applications for art organizations to keep running. “It is a beautiful space, but we do run as a 5013c grace of god grants and volunteers”, said Kristen.

Crystal Falls Theatre

Vice President of the Crystal Theatre, Chuck Blum, who has been a part of the performing arts since the early life of the Crystal Falls theatre, says this grant is designated for the tuckpointing of the building. “The grant will allow us to bring it up to the standard that we certainly hope will last for the rest of my life,” he said.

The restoration of this 1927 building hasn’t been finished and this grant opens up availability for other funds to be deligated. These places do have wishlists for more maintenance and other updates, however, this grant is to assist in making these events possible. Nheena Ittner, who developed the Children’s Museum here in Marquette from just a seed, say’s “It gives us a really solid strong piece of funds that can be used just to keep the doors open”. The Children’s Museum is benefiting from the arts and culture and is receiving $19,500.

Children’s Museum

These funds are a reflection of the appreciation for the arts both in performance and in education. The creativity that gets to be expressed through these places helps to educate the younger generations in the world of arts. Keeping our history alive and well kept.