Michigan Secretary of State Calls Election ‘Smooth’ and ‘Successful’

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson reaffirmed that Detroit’s election system is “incredibly robust” and accurate during a news conference on the state’s primary election day Tuesday.

Benson says the state has received more than one million absentee ballots for this election and called the process across the state “smooth” and “successful.”

She anticipates expects the unofficial results in all races to be released Wednesday at the latest

Benson also gave a rebuttal to allegations made in 2020 that minor changes in vote count totals are a sign of wrongdoing.

“What it is evidence of is the hard work and diligence that goes into affirming and reaffirming that only valid votes were counted, and the machines accurately tabulated each validated ballot,” said Benson. “It is in fact evidence that our election system is tremendously robust and has checks and balances built in to identify and correct any issues before results are finalized and officially certified.”