A makeover for the Lower Harbor

The Ore Docks have always been an amazing sight to see in Marquette and it attracts a lot of people. Closed in 1971, the Lower Harbor Ore Dock in downtown Marquette is now a standing piece of history. In recent years, the City of Marquette has brought life back into the Lower Harbor, people in the community even ice skate through the dock in the winter.

With more excitement to this attraction came more plans and more ideas to tie in the History of the Ore Dock to a new venture. Gisele Duehring is the Board President over at Boteco Center. The”Friends of Ore Dock BotEco Center” is a nonprofit with a dream to grow the community with the BotEco Center and they have some big plans for the decommissioned Ore Dock, downtown.

BotEco Center’s first phase includes a promenade that goes all around the base of the Ore Dock, adding two thousand feet of walkable area for the public. The nonprofit has already been approved for these projects and they are continuing to look for community input.

The renovation will not be including condos or any commercial space. In fact, the entire area is going to be a public space (talk about sunset photos)!!