UP-handmade mittens grow in popularity around the state

MARQUETTE, Mich (WZMQ) – Made by a Chassell resident, the UP North Mittens are warming up the rest of Michigan.

Sold in the local apparel shop, Getz’s, these UP-made mittens made a new claim to fame after Governor Whitmer was seen showing off her warmth from the north.

Every pair of mittens are completely unique, accompanied by a pin to make your mark on the peninsula. Even the Getz‘s Mens Department Manager Kurt Freudenstein says her unique style is becoming more popular.

“They’re just kind of awesome everyone is different they’re made from old sweaters, we’ve had them in our store for years and years and years,” says Freudenstein.

U.P. North Mittens

Getz’s tells us that even when they send Petrelius an idea for a glove, within the day, she has a prototype sewn and created for the next yooper.

“We’ve been getting calls on the phone from out-of-towners wanting to buy these mittens. We don’t have them on our website so we can’t show you a picture of them but they’re buying them a site on scene. They’re super excited to get these mittens,” says Freudenstein.

For more information on these mittens, you can visit their website, just click here.