The Marquette Regional History Center hosts The 22nd Annual Holiday Art Sale

This Saturday The Marquette Regional History Center is hosting The Holiday Art Sale, 25 artists will be set up in the museum selling their work.

Don Wilson is a local metal worker, making mostly jewelry, with locally sourced stones and metals, Wilson says he loves talking about and sharing his craft with others

I’ve got new things that I’ve made, brand new designs that i’m just bringing out for the show, i just get excited about making new designs and talking to people about them.

Don Wilson – Metalsmith

Wilson is one of the artists participating in this years holiday art sale. Jessica Bays with the regional history center said this will be the 5th year the center has hosted the sale, and that it used to be held at the Marquette arts and culture center. 

Tina, the director there, asked if we would like to kinda take over her at the museum because we have such a beautiful lighted space and plenty of room.

Jessica bays – Marquette Regional History Center store and retail manager

The sale began as a way for artists to sell their work to the community as a chance to start buying their holiday gifts, with art work of all different kinds and functions. As a part of the sale, the museum will also be hosting a membership drive with a 10% discount on new memberships, along with a bake sale and a kids raffle.

There’s a lot going on, it’s really festive, and it’s a great way to gear up for the holidays. It’s a lot of work you know, but we have a great base of artists in this community.

Jessica bays – Marquette Regional History Center store and retail manager

Wilson has been apart of the art community here in Marquette for nearly 40 years, and he says these art shows and sales are his favorite part of our art community.

That’s one of the things i really enjoy about Marquette, it’s a small enough community that you get to know, get to know the artists and talk to the artists

Don Wilson – Metalsmith

The sale this weekend is put on entirely by members and volunteers who are so excited to interact with the community at this Saturdays art sale.

The art sale hours are from 10 am until 4 pm tomorrow morning, and tickets for the sale are $2.