Michigan’s’ 110th Districts’ Election

Up in the 110th district, we have some familiar faces running for the House seat this time around. Greg Markkanen is the current representative, running for reelection.

I got into politics because I taught politics for 20 some years as a teacher in social studies, civics, government.

Greg Markkanen – 110 Candidate (R)

Casey Verberkmoes is his democratic opponent. Verberkmoes ran in the primary back in 2020, this year he took the democratic nomination and is in the running for the house seat.

I’m from the 110th originally, I graduated from white pine and I left for college and was gone for about 10 years, and came back in 2013 and I’ve been living in the 110th ever since. One of the things that got me into politics and potentially becoming a representative was mental health issues. if we can get in front of that stuff we can prevent it from happening and it also just, on the human element, which is more important just gives everyone the opportunity to not have to go through the entire range of a mental health crisis before they get help.

Casey Verberkmoes – 110th Candidate (D)

The Republican candidate for the 110, Markanen says he supports the building of line 5, and wants to keep parents involved in their student education.

Markkanen also stressed that he says he wants to continue listening to the people of his district

I think we need to look at inflation, we need to look at energy costs, we need to be putting money back in people’s pocket, you know, cutting the regulatory burden on people and cutting the red tape… I think listening to people is very important, there’s a lot of people with a lot of concerns out there right now and they don’t often get to speak to their elected officials. we try to be available. I think it’s important to be there for the people, the residents of the 110th district. we have to be on top of it, we have to fight for what we think the up should get, so, it’s important.

Greg Markkanen

Reproductive rights are a hot topic on the ballot this year, and Verberkmoes says he’s here to protect women’s rights.

I think it’s important that people understand one, especially right now, that there’s somebody on the ballot that’s going to defend reproductive rights if the objective is to genuinely decrease abortions, it should become absolutely no surprise as to why with progressive policy abortions decrease and when those policies are revoked abortions increase. it’s critically, critically important to ensure that the rights of women and those capable of having reproductive rights are protected as well just for their own sake.

Casey Verberkmoes

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