State Representative and MI Supreme Court Candidate Kyra Harris Bolden Visits Marquette

MARQUETTE, MI (WZMQ) – Michigan state representative Kyra Harris Bolden visited Marquette over the weekend.

Harris Bolden is currently the democratic representative of the 35th district in southern Michigan.

She was visiting Marquette as a part of her campaign this year running for a spot on the Michigan supreme court. 

Before becoming a state representative Harris Bolden was a civil litigation attorney.

In her former positions, Harris Bolden has focused on criminal justice reform, creating legislation to protect survivors of sexual violence. 

As a supreme court justice, Harris Bolden said she wants to continue to advocate for all Michiganders, as some critical decisions come up over the next few years.

This is Harris Bolden’s second time visiting Marquette since the beginning of her supreme court campaign, and the bar association hosted an event to welcome her back over the weekend.

While visiting The Bar Association held an even to welcome her at The Landmark Inn, while greeting the group, she had this to say: “I am so enjoying my time in Marquette, this is my second time here since being in the campaign and I’m so enjoying myself and meeting all the great people. I believe that the Michigan supreme court should reflect the diversity of the state of Michigan with a diversity of background, experiences, and perspectives, and I am very excited to be running for Michigan supreme court.”

Kyra Harris Bolden will be on the ballot for the Michigan supreme court this November.