Over 400 Trees to be Planted in Presque Isle Park

Presque Isle Park is about to get a little greener. The Marquette County Conservation District is planting 450 threes in Presque Isle Park this weekend.

The trees are a part of a ten year plan to rehabilitate some of the land polluted by old mining practices. It’s all a part of their plan to bring the area back to wetland status.

restoring the wetland has been an important project because getting it back to that natural habitat will be best for the wildlife in the area. and it also provides great recreational value for the community too. if folks are interested in helping us plant these trees, we’re happy to have folks, many hands make for light works.

Maddie O’Donnell – District Manager Marquette County Conservation District

That light work begins on Monday and continues through the 23rd, to sign up you can contact The Conservation District at mqtcondist@gmail.com or call (906) 226-8871