Michigan’s 38th Senate District Election

With just four more days until the midterm elections here in the up, we have one last race to take a look at this week. Michigan’s 38th senate district covers most of The UP, barring parts of Chippewa and Mackinac counties.

Here in The UP, we have two representatives in Michigan’s senate. The 38th district is currently represented by Ed McBroom, a republican from Waucedah.

One of the areas i was fascinated by was history, particularly american history, american government. I started to feel like it would be really interesting to be involved in government. to be in the places where some of these people I was reading about have been.

Ed McBroom – Senate Representitve (R)

John Braamse is the democratic opponent from Marquette.

I’ve been a 25 year veteran in the military, I’m a 5 generation yooper, I’m no stranger to the culture and the climate here. 10 years ago I moved back to my hometown marquette and got reintegrated into the local marquette county democratic party. so I decided I would step up and try to represent the needs of the up

John Brammse – Senate Candidate (D)

McBroom says he wants to stay focused on ensuring the bureaucracy does not overstep its bounds, and making education individualized to support local trades.

I’m still very focused on our natural resources being the prime part of what makes The UP a not just a great place to live and a place of great community but also makes it economical to live here, it makes living here possible.

Ed Mcbroom

Braamse says he wants to ensure there is a focus on helping the working class by setting a higher minimum wage to help with the impacts of inflation. Braamse says he is also an active supporter of reproductive rights and the proposals on this year’s ballot.

Well, some of the areas that I’ve been concentrating on or promoting better economic outcomes for people that are struggling, also infrastructure improvements and investments to make more efficient use of highways, especially internet expansion. I also promote and support the proposals two and three that are going to be on the ballot, so that there’s access to, universal access to voting, and reproductive rights for all. 

John Braamse

McBroom says he’s enjoyed spending time visiting the counties new to the 38th.

Serving the people of the up is just an amazing honor, it’s my home it’s the people I’ve grown up with and having their trust for as long as I’ve had it’s been just very humbling and I hope that I’ve earned it one more time.

Ed Mcbroom