Beef Barn Competition at the UP State Fair

Year in and year out, families from all over spend their day connecting with nature on an entirely new level. Cattle raising for competitions and the beef manufacturing, these people have quite the full-time job raising these animals.

UP State Fair

For the entire year, these families and kids that are part of the “4H Community Program” help raise these cattle for the upcoming State Fair Competition. Picking the right genetics and making sure those cattle are raised right is crucial for future breeding cycles. One wrong pick and you might have some production problems.

As they prepare for the competition, farmers will “fit” their cattle to make sure they look their best for the “Superbowl” level of competition.

4H Community:

As we continue to grow into a more technology-based world we sometimes forget the family traditions that brought us here. A connection to nature is something we all deserve and with the 4H program, these kids get a real chance to build skills and passions in the agricultural field.

Formed back in 1902 by A. B. Graham, the 4H Program helps teach these areas of agriculture to keep these traditions alive. Today, the 4H clubs are tackling issues from food security and food sustainability. For more information regarding the 4H Program, you can visit