Mackinac Still Reaching Top Numbers

During the beginning of the pandemic, we saw lots of places being shut down. From restaurants to vacation spots, there were very few places open, and safe for that matter, to the public.

Mackinac Island however remained a safe haven for those looking to get out of the house and relax. Through the pandemic, the Island was seeing record-breaking numbers in tourism. As it was one of the few places people felt safe enough to go on vacation.

Those two years (2020-2021) were a mark on the Island.

Law Enforcement on Mackinac Island has always been fast-moving. With the recent dangers in shooting incidents, the Island Police say they’ve been training in active shooter protocol. Doug Topolski, who is the Island’s Chief of Police, says

“We looked into active shooter training… I think the biggest thing is communication. So we’re in contact quite often with the school we’ve gone over protocols for addressing whether active shooters or any kind of other critical incidents with the school so we know we’re all on the same page.”

Doug Topolski

Mackinac Island has always had its rich culture that spreads from the butterfly house to the homemade fudge right on the Island. On the Island, it’s always a new experience for people. As there are no cars allowed on the island it creates a beautiful oasis to break away from the rest of the world.

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