Rep. Thompson, House Republicans to Visit PA Dairy Farm

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Glenn “GT” Thompson (R- PA) will be visiting a Pennsylvania dairy farm to highlight conservation and sustainable efforts our farmers are using.  

“I think this farm is going to be reflective of most of the farms we see in my congressional district in the state of Pennsylvania and throughout the country,” said Rep. Thompson. “These are the farmers that are applying the best practices of science, technology and innovation to address energy needs, conservation needs and climate needs.” 

Thompson, who is the ranking member on the House Agriculture Committee, is part of the House Republican Energy, Climate and Conservation task force. Their goals are to look at energy policies to help lower energy costs, create jobs and reduce carbon emissions while increasing productivity. On Friday July 15, the Pennsylvania congressman along with a handful of other members will visit a dairy farm in southern Pennsylvania. Thompson tells us he hopes the task force can highlight the success of America’s farmers while also hearing from them on how future legislation, like the massive Farm Bill, can continue helping the agriculture industry.