64th Annual International Frisbee Tournament

This weekend was the 64th International Frisbee Tournament. The tournament took place at the Driving park in Hancock with teams like “Helter Skelter” and “Shottle Bop” competing for the Julius T. Nachazel Cup. There were teams coming from all around from Lansing, Marquette, the Midwest and elsewhere.

Dave Nesbitt with his team “Helter Skelter” spoke about his love for the sport and how much he enjoys the community around the tournament. This weekend really does bring a lot of people together to enjoy “Gut’s Frisbee”.

 This is an adrenaline junkie sport. I mean, it’s flowing through you, you pick somebody you don’t want on the other side of the line and your doing your best to cream them. 

Dave Nesbitt of Team Helter Skelter

Gut’s Frisbee (Disk Guts) is a disc game inspired by dodgeball, which involves teams throwing a flying disc at members of the opposing team. The way to score is by throwing the disc through the line of defending players. A team can score a point when the other team does not catch a correctly thrown disc.

Ultimate, Disk Golf, Guts I play all three. My favorite part about guts frisbee that kinda switches it from disk golf and ultimate, it’s just a high-speed game of catch.

Will Blau, Captain of Team Shottle Bop

The U.S National Guts Frisbee Tournament will be held on August 6th/7th right here in Marquette.