Yoopers for Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine has been erupting the entire world, setting new changes in our daily lives and bringing up real terror in people. This fear has not been ignored here in the Upper Peninsula. This is going to evolve the way we value life and justice as the war is a horrific example of how we can come together as people and defend our culture from all areas of the world.

Yoopers for Ukraine is an initiative for Ukraine built by three international graduate students at Michigan Technological University. It was also grown with Nadija Packauskas, who is a wonderful leader in supporting the people and spreading awareness of this tragedy.

They had a fundraiser last week for the people of Ukraine. Nadija was able to ask artists from around the world to gift their creations to Ukraine.

There is a lot to be said about human connection and how special it is. During times of crisis, it seems the connection is appreciated a bit more. In Houghton, the Yoopers for Ukraine are continuing to show their support. Adelina Oronova is a Ukrainian student here at Michigan Tech and she says she’s that they are getting support from all over the world.

“In our grief, we have to find common ground and we have to understand that while our political views may be different. While our jobs may be different. While our life views may be different. We are at the base humans” – Nadija Packauskas, Co-Founder of Yoopers for Ukraine

Yoopers for Ukraine Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/yoopers.for.ukraine/)