Church, Brewery Team up to Create New Community Center in Ishpeming

Churches and brewpubs may seem like they have little in common, but their roles as local gathering spots is what brought them together to create a new community center in Ishpeming.

The Hygge Center at 301 N. First St. offers a main hall with space for 100 people.

Larger groups of around 200 can fit in the church’s sanctuary while office space is available for smaller, group meetings.

Organizers plan to open an outdoor space for use in the warmer months.

The center comes from a partnership between Cognition Brewing Company and the Grace Episcopal Church.

The organizations started the space to serve all in the region, including those who normally would not consider a church or a brewpub for their events.

Rev. Marna Franson and Cognition Brewing Company manager Janelle Buttery said the partnership comes from a mutual goal of helping the community.

“[We’re] providing a safe, welcoming, multi-use establishment that will encourage the people of Ishpeming and Marquette County to come together as an enduring community,” said Buttery.”

“We just want people in this space,” said Rev. Franson. “We want to invite everybody in. We want to support the community that’s been in this space for a long time. Grace Episcopal Community has got a great DNA of sharing their hospitality with each other and with the community of Ishpeming, and they want that to continue.”

Anyone who is interested in using the Hygge Center or would like more information can reach organizers by email here.